Vele Stene - Unije
3m - 40m
Under the steep rock wall, the ground falls to about 10m depth. There is a small section, before the steep wall continues up to 40 m. Many columns and small caves. Crustanemonas, crawfish and many fish.




                                                           Cape Margarina - Susak
3m - 40m
On the south side of the island of Susak is the Cape Margarina. Very nice dive site with shallow areas in front of the steep wall. Special feature is a canyon, which pulls through this part and drops from 6m to 17 m. In the small depressions are crab, conger and many fish to be found.

                                                            Hrid Galiola
3m - 45m
Galiola is situated between the southern tip of Istria and the island of Susak. It can be seen at the lighthouse and the many seabirds. The terrain drops flat to about 12m. It is covered with a sea grass meadow and hosts many fish, starfish and seahorses. Then follows a steep wall, which descends to 45m. Here you can see dragon heads and nudibranches. In the middle of the steep wall there is a canyon.

                                                                Hrid Silo - Male Srakane
6m - 45m
Very nice steep wall. At the anchorage flattering and by far not as spectacular as "around the corner".




Samuncel - Unije
6m - 40m
Many fish on the beautiful steep wall.



Bumbiste - Banjole Pula
6m - 30m
Underwater, a steep wall runs parallel to the coast. It extends on the one side towards Fraskeric, on the other direction Banjole. The wall consists of two parts, the flattened one ending in the Bay of Banjole and the lower one extending southwards. Good place for night diving.


Banjol - Rovinj
2m - 20m
Banjol is within sight of the city of Rovinj. Due to the fast accessibility it is a popular dive site. Under the island are several small caves. The cave directly below the center of the island is flooded by an inlet with sunlight. Many fish and nufibranchs.


Fraskeric - Pula
3m - 32m
Fraskeric is a small island near Pula. For diving, the side facing the sea is the most interesting. There are underwater passages, crevices, pits and a variety of fish. The ground drops gently down to 12m, the steep wall up to about 32m.


Misnjak - Unije
5m - 35m
Small island in front of Unije. Sea grass meadows and a small steep wall.


Sveti Ivan - Rovinj
3m - 22m
Reason slightly declining. First rock until approx. 12m then transition to sand slope.


U.Pirac - Losinj
5m - 40m
In the shallow water area sea grass meadows. Then a beautifully overgrown steep wall.


Skojic - Osor Losinj
6m - 40m
Sandy, slightly rocky ground. The most interesting is the steep wall.


Skoljic - Unije
7m - 40m
Beautiful steep wall at the port entrance of Unije. At the foot of the steep wall lies the wreck of the Tihany. It is situated along the steep wall. The wreck is about 60m long and can also be well dived.