Outstanding diving spots await you in a contrasting island world.

 The Philippines - the slightly different Southeast Asia


The Philippines is a real vacation paradise, with stunning mountain landscapes, impressive volcanoes and dense forests. For hikes and discoveries the island group is just the right destination.

In addition, the country for its friendly people, affordable prices and the excellent weather is known. Both, backpackers and package tourists appreciate the very special vibe of the Philippines.

This is where Southeast Asian charm and Caribbean flair come together to create a very special atmosphere. On your travels on the more than 7000 islands you will find fantastic beaches with clear water, which invites you to dive.

You must have seen this
The islands offer a variety of sights. A real highlight are the rice terraces, which you can admire, for example, in the north of the island of Luzon. The seemingly endless artificial terraces look not only impressive, but also offer a hike. If you are interested in the history of the island group, you can look at one of the numerous baroque churches.

In addition there are whole cities, which were built by the Spaniards during the colonial period. This includes, for example, the old town of Vigan. On your travels you should pay a visit to the capital Manila. The cultural and political center of the country is full of colorful activities, numerous museums and culinary highlights.

A little quieter goes out on the smaller, less densely populated islands. Here, the lonely beach holiday with a bit of luck can actually become a reality.

No matter where you go, it will never get boring. The Philippines is characterized by its regional differences. From island to island, even from province to province, you will meet new sights and customs. In the province of Pizal, for example, you can admire old stone engravings, the origin of which has not yet been clarified.

Diving around the Philippine Islands
The Philippines is one of the most popular diving spots in the world. This is mainly due to the impressive variety of species found on the coasts of the island groups.

Turtle densities are not a rarity here. In addition there is a pleasant water temperature, which makes the dive much easier. Around the island of Bohol you can see fantastic coral gardens and overgrown cliffs with mysterious caves.
Off the coast of Busuanga several Japanese merchant ships are sunk that can be examined during a dive.