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Enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the Slovenian coastal towns on the Istrian peninsula.


On discovery tour in Slovenia

The eastern European country is a diverse and varied travel destination that has a lot to offer in terms of scenic travelers.
Especially tourists who prefer a holiday with a lot of peace and relaxation are just right in Slovenia, as the usual crowds of people who wander around the beaches of Mallorca do not get there.
What are the most beautiful destinations in Slovenia and the best routes for a successful holiday, now follows a brief overview.

Traveling in Slovenia - Archaeological finds, ancient castles and a variety of nature
The green, diverse landscape is unique. Many lakes, which lie in the middle of the forest and are surrounded by a tree splendor, invite you to relax and unwind.
Often, the lakes are integrated into national parks, so that one is undisturbed and can concentrate with full attention on the impressive landscape.

While traveling through the country, many tourists are attracted by the many vines that thrive on the hills all around. It would almost be like to be in the South of France, if the traditional cultural heritage of the country were not to draw your attention to the fact that you are in Eastern Europe.

Because here, too, the country has a lot to offer for travel. Impressive castles towering on the fissures and dizzying heights give you a breathtaking view over the surrounding countryside. In addition to the castles, which serve as a witness of other times, archaeological sites provide a great insight into the history of the country as well as the culture of Slovenia.

In addition, museums, which are often integrated into the castles, offer an insight into the development of the country and an insight into the art of the past epochs. In the cities monuments are often displayed in important places.

However, these are mostly monuments for artists who have shaped the country and the development of art history, while war monuments are rather rare.
In addition, the country is known for its sacredness, as monuments or small churches are always on the heights and hills, inviting you to stop and to reflect.

The world cultural heritage includes a unique underworld, the caves of Skocjan, the pile docks in the bog around the Alps, and the former mercury mine, which is the second largest plant in the world.

Of course, the capital Ljublijana has to be visited, which reminds of many Italian cities with a great architecture.